This is Floorgreen big secret

We grow our sod on two types of growing media of exceptional quality:


Growth, uniformity, rooting, playing stress resistance and an unsurpassed drainage capacity are the elements that maximize the quality of sod that we grow on this soil media.

It is a 15-cm layer of USGA silica sand, premixed offsite with zeolite and biochar and laid over our natural, 90% sandy soil. Sod grown on SAND CARPET obeys to USGA standards for golf putting greens and international regulations for football stadiums and training centers.


Rusticity, convenience, ease of use, high adaptability to all soils and resistance to thermal and water stresses haracterize sod that we grow on this soil media It is our exceptional natural sandy soil (with over 90% of sand), corrected with certified silica sand. Sod grown on MODIFIED SANDY LOAM is ideal for all walkable gardens, amenity parks and sports areas.

Green Floor Sod Farm